Samsung to debut IOFIT smart shoe tech at MWC 2016


We’re expecting big things from Samsung at this year’s Mobile World Congress but they’re all extremely smartphone related. Perhaps that’s why the company felt the need to make the announcement of the IOFIT smart shoe, a project being done by startup Salted Venture with Samsung’s help, a little prematurely. We’re likely to have missed it otherwise.

IoFIT_Main_1_1The IOFIT is smart footwear, consisting of pressure sensors in the sole and an app to read the information gleaned. The data could be used to do a couple of things, like improve your golf game or just tweak your body’s posture and balance. That would have benefits in just about any exercise regimen.

There appear to be two types of shoe in the words – one that would be suitable for the gym and the other for the golf course but both look to offer the same advice: How to healthy better. The shoes can “measure users’ balance, weight shift, ground contact force and location of COG (Center of Gravity)”, offering up that information to users via the phone app. Runners may have to wait a while to get their foot-sensors tickled, however.

IOFIT and Samsung are going to be showing off their tech at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. They’re looking to get other shoe brands involved in using their sensor-laden tech at this year’s expo. Hopefully we’ll see it appearing in other brands soon enough.

Source: Samsung


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