No prizes for guessing LG’s X Cam and X Screen phone features


At this rate, LG’s not going to have anything to reveal at its MWC press conference – it just announced two new mid-range phones, a week ahead of the show.

The X-Series will borrow high-end features from the as-yet-unannounced G5, at a more affordable price. You’ll have to pick which feature you want the most though; each phone only gets one.

The X Screen pilfers the Always On Display, adding a 1.76in LCD above the main 4.93in 1080p screen for notifications and updates that won’t drain the battery. It’s the same screen that’s already found in the V10, whereas the G5 is expected to have its second screen built underneath (or on top of) the main display.

lg-x-seriesOtherwise the X Screen has all the specs you’d expect from a mid-ranger, including a quad-core CPU, 13MP rear camera, 2300mAh battery and Android 6 Marshmallow.

It’s the X Cam that’s the more exciting phone; it’s got twin cameras on the rear.

LG’s fitted a 13MP main sensor and a 5MP secondary sensor, but there are no details on what the two cameras will actually be used for.

HTC used two sensors to add depth of field effects in the past, and different lenses could add optical zoom without needing a bulky barrel.

Dual cameras have been rumoured to make an appearance on the G5 for a while now, but the X Cam reveal doesn’t help shed any light onto why LG feels two is better than one.

Expect an octa-core CPU and 2GB of RAM, a 5.2in Full HD disply, 2,520mAh battery and Android 6 Marshmallow when the X Cam goes on sale in Europe, Asia and Latin America next month.

Both X Series phones will debut at MWC next week. We’ll be there, so make sure to keep an eye on Stuff for some hands-on impressions.

Source: LG Newsroom


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