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STUFF_Mar_90dpiWe’re going to make you better, stronger, faster, tireder. Wait, is tireder actually a word? It is if you’ve been running for far too bloody long. Seriously though, the March 2016 issue of Stuff Magazine contains enough fitness tech to upgrade you. Or, at the very least, have you in the running as an early-model cyborg. Don’t worry, there’s no actual invasive surgery required. This year. Next year you might be opting for those elective procedures though. 

RocksmithThat is so obviously not all. We’ve got yet another way to improve yourself, with March 2016 focusing on actually picking up that guitar sitting in the corner of your lounge gathering dust. You too can shred with the best of them, all it takes is time. Time and a few bleeding fingertips. Yes, Rocksmith is a part of the upgrade method, but there are iOS accessories, amps and apps to help you get going as well. Rock on.

Exploding DroneThe first rule of flight club is that you tell everybody about flight club. It’s a bit like being a vegan that way. Seriously though, think Robot Wars for drones and you’ve got some idea of what is in store for television viewers soon. And any time one drone is setting another drone on fire in a massive aircraft hangar, we’re happy people.

XCOM Review (1)Oh, you’re a PC purist? Then you probably know what Steam is. If you don’t, then welcome back to the present day – How was 1990? The March 2016 edition of Stuff Magazine has our top picks for cheap Steam titles across a range of genres and we’re hitting all the high notes: Fallout 3 (get the GOTY), XCOM: Enemy Unknown, SOMA, Life is Strange, and more. If you nab everything, then we’ll see you in 2017 again.

Also in the March 2016 issue? A drone-car of the future, luxury wearables, an Apple TV test, all the apps, Apple’s iPad Pro, headphone amps, and augmented reality. Get your issue now, at all good stores – that sell magazines. Don’t look for us at a laundromat or something. Except really awesome ones.


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