Find out what tweets taste like with the Data Cocktail


Look, we’ve experienced a lot of things but we’ve never, ever been able to taste a tweet. Nor do we have the urge to consume substances that might make that possible. But you won’t need LSD to see what a collection of recent tweets taste like with the Data Cocktail.

Called Synesthetic Twitter, the Data Cocktail allows you to drink up to five different tweets. The tweets are the five newest around the world, which are allocated a colour value and weight. Then the drink based on that allocation is made.

A printout is also generated, which includes the recipe and the tweets that are responsible for creating it. It’s a slightly artsy way to get yourself a multicoloured cocktail but it’s also a unique way to do it. Right up until your legs stop working. But at least then you’ll know what a tweet tastes like.

The Data Cocktail is available for events but it’s based overseas so don’t expect to see it at a pub or corporate event in South Africa any time soon.


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