Runkeeper now belongs to Asics


If you’re a Runkeeper user, you have a new master. Did we say master? We mean that Runkeeper is joining up with Asics, with Asics taking a controlling role in the company. Because they’ve just bought Runkeeper. And now the fitness brand has all of your data.

It’s not that bad, we promise. Asics, which already has their own running software, are going to be taking control of the popular running app. Aside from the buyout, which was made for an as-yet undisclosed sim, it will be business-as-usual for Runkeeper. Except that things will speed up a little, as there are now more funds behind the app. So yes, expect a few small changes. In a positive way, we hope.

Runkeeper CEO Jason Jacobs announced on Medium that “Partnering with ASICS to fulfill this vision together makes a ton of sense. We both have deep roots in and focus on running as a core component of the fitness experience. There is strong alignment between our brands and core values.”

And then there’s this:

“And from people using our Shoe Tracker feature in the app, we know that ASICS shoes are by far the ones that Runkeeper users run in the most!”

Well, that was handy. Imagine how embarrassing it would have been if Nike was the most popular shoe for the app’s users.

Source: Medium


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