Light Start – Game On: Mirror’s Edge, Doom, Dark Souls III, and a vape controller


Get to know Faith ahead of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst‘s release

If you didn’t play Mirror’s Edge when it first released, you missed out. An unusual game with a very unusual mechanic, it followed protagonist Faith on a running, jumping, absolutely frightening journey across rooftops and other elevated locations in a futuristic city. Catalyst, the sequel we’ve been begging for, is coming in May this year – 24 May, to be precise – and the new trailer for the sequel does a decent job of introducing you to Faith. She’s a little battered and bruised thanks to the events of the first game but she’s still as tough as ever. Roll on May, but also keep an eye open for the beta that Electronic Arts says is coming. We’re not sure what it entails yet but… multiplayer? Really?

Source: Electronic Arts (Youtube)

Violence Warning – Your Doom is nigh – Expect a launch on 13 May

Normally we wouldn’t do this but even just the sound effects for the latest Doom gameplay trailer are stomach-churning. Adding in the visuals dials that up to 11, breaks off the knob and then beats you to death with it. So, of course, we’ve been showing Doom‘s new trailer to everyone who wanders into range. But you might want to clear the room of anyone with a sensitive stomach first. We’ve got a global release date, of 13 May 2016, and if the gameplay proves to be as brutal as this visual preview suggests, Doom‘s going to be one wild ride.

Source: iD Software (YouTube)

Six minutes of Thief gameplay from Dark Souls III

Are you patient enough to learn how to play Dark Souls III? To deal with being killed again and again and again… Then this video is for you. From Software live-streamed some gameplay footage of Dark Souls III and there are six minutes available online of the Thief class taking on standard enemy types in one of the series’ atmospheric settings. Which, if you’re any kind of fan, means that it’s just as lethal any time you try and traverse it. There’s a lot of backstab action, take straight from From’s Bloodborne, and the gameplay seems to be a lot faster than we remember. That might be because of the lightweight class, since we usually play with an armour-plated bruiser, but the new dodge mechanic has the potential to be both a blessing and a curse. Expect an April release for this one.

Source: via Eurogamer

You can turn just about anything into a vape, it seems. Even an Xbox 360 controller

Custom mod just completed…

Posted by Tropical VAPES on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Maybe you know what a vape is, maybe you haven’t been exposed to them yet. And you’ll know if you have, because they’ll tell you. But the smoking alternative has been catching on (so we’re told) so it makes sense that modifications are going to be forthcoming. Like the one above, where an old Xbox 360 controller was repurposed into a vape. The controller doesn’t actually work with an Xbox 360 console any more, making this the equivalent of turning a retired washing machine or something into a PC case. Still, custom mods for the win, right?

Source: via The Verge


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