Light Start – The Large Numbers Edition


WhatsApp cross the 1 billion users mark

1 BillionLet’s be honest, you probably had to look away from WhatsApp or a similar messaging service to look at this. Probably WhatsApp though, if the numbers are anything to go by; as much as MTN and Vodacom would like that to not be the case. Seriously guys, get over yourselves. Ahem… anyway, Facebook head Mark Zuckerburg has hit us with a fresh set of numbers. A year ago they were sitting on around the 700 million user mark, now they’ve passed the billion user milestone. Which you’d know from the header image here, if you’re reading on the website. The user base has doubled since Facebook bought them up and now the company is hoping to reach out to businesses to get them on the service, communicating with their customers and users. Won’t that be fun.

Source: Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

Another 1 billion user milestone, this time for Google’s Gmail

gmail-logoSpeaking of services with over a billion users, Google’s Gmail has just joined the party as well. You can be forgiven for thinking that this happened some time ago, Google’s got a track record to nailing the 1 billion user mark (see: Google (web search), Chrome, Android, YouTube, Google Maps and Google Play) but it’s actually taken some time for Gmail to get 1 billion monthly active users on the books. We’re certain they have way more that 1 billion registered accounts but there have been a lot of them that have been… abandoned, especially from the early days of the service. That’s all in the past, though, so there’s no need to go looking for it. Seriously. Yay, Google!

Source: Google via The Verge

The iPad Pro out-surfaced the Microsoft Surface in the last quarter, selling 400k units more

ipad-pro-pricingMicrosoft’s Surface tablets have been impressing, selling decent numbers for the company in spite of being (basically) oversized, overpowered tablets. Then Apple came along with the iPad Pro and promptly sold a whole bunch more than Microsoft. Shows what a brand name can do, really. According to the IDC, Microsoft shifted about 1.6 million Surface units while Apple is thought to have sent 2 million iPad Pro slates to a new home. That’s a difference of 400,000 but even so, Microsoft’s Surface sales have jumped by 29%. Since we’re seeing a slow-down in the smartphone market, perhaps oversized tablets are going to be the next device of choice…? Nah.

Source: IDC

Nokia expected to make around $1.5 billion from patents – Can we call this ‘old money’ now?

Nokia BuildingNokia are still around, even if they’re not making phones or… anything much these days. And they’re still making money, with about $1.5 billion headed their way over the next three years. Not because they’re selling anything special, rather it’s because Nokia has just settled a patent dispute with Samsung. The terms of the settlement mean that Nokia will be bringing in extra cash over the next three years. You’d think that would be a good thing but it seems that the company’s stock price fell a little when the settlement was announced. People were expecting them to make even more cash than that. Business types, right? What are you gonna do?

Source: Nokia


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