Your Friday needs some powder-painted, slow motion skateboarding


We heard you like skateboarding. Actually, we heard you like slow-motion video photography. Skateboarding’s just a pleasant bonus*. This video features both, as well as a whole lot of powdered paint.

The video is called Chromatic 2 (because there’s a first one, with a much more static angle and some water balloons. Because skaters.) and the visual feast would have been impressive enough with just the physics of a whirling skateboard in the frame. Adding in the powered, multi-coloured paint just adds that something extra, elevating this almost to a work of art. Or actually to a work of art, depending on your opinion.

Your Friday afternoon fare is the creation of YouTube channel BeyondSlowMotion, who feature more than just skaters and paint. Dogs, jump-ropes, fireworks, fire, water and yoyo’s are just a few of the subjects they cover. But if you get busted at the office watching everything they’ve uploaded, we have nothing to do with it.

*We don’t really know if you like skateboarding or not, we’re just guessing. Or are we?


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