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We’re all South Africans here, except for the people who aren’t, and summer in this country can only mean one thing. Well, several things, like mozzies, braais and heat. So, so much heat. And one of the worst things about heat is that it’s hard to keep the Castle Lite cold.

That’s where the Castle Lite Smart Ice Core (hit up the giveaway – unless you’re under the age of 18) comes in. Just add in some ice and the Smart Ice Core will do the rest. But more on that in a bit, while we’re waiting for the ice to do its work this is what else you can do to stay cool in the South African heat.


JetsurfSurfing is inherently cool. But that’s not an option for the whole country so we’re going for something a bit more versatile. Trouble is, you’re going to have to pay through the nose for the Jet Surf. Why? Because it starts at $12,500 (R206,000) but that’s what you’re going to pay for a self-propelled surfboard that’ll work in the ocean, in a dam, on the river or in an overfilled bathtub if you have enough space to turn it. Think of it as a combination surfboard and jet-ski, with a 48km/h top speed, gas tank and an 86cc engine (for the basic model). Which has adjustable foot straps so everyone can have a turn, no matter how they dress. And if you have any doubt about how cool the Jet Surf will make you feel, check out renowned big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton going rail to rail far from the ocean while Lenny Kravitz plays in the background.

Ray Ban Clubmaster

ClubmasterSunglasses make you cool. Mostly because they stop you from squinting. One of the most iconic brands you’ll find for sunnies are Ray Bans and you don’t get much more cool than the Clubmaster range. Or the Aviator, but we’re roaming the oceans here, not exploring the skies. Once you’ve got your balance on the Jet Surf, you’re going to want to put these on so you’ll be able to see where you’re going on the water. It can get powerfully glarey out there. The last thing you want to do it run over a kayaker because the sun’s in your eyes.

Fujifilm X-T10

XT10Keeping a record of your time on the water is also pretty cool and you’re going to battle to beat Fuji’s retro-styled X-T10 in the coolness stakes. Light and compact, with old-school looks married to a 16MP APS-C CMOS II sensor and 100-51200 ISO, the X-T10 will let you catalogue everyone else’s ride. And your own, as it’s got a camera remote app, NFC and WiFi. If all else fails, though, just waiting under a tree with Fujifilm’s cam dangling from your neck will confer a coolness factor all of its own.

UE (Ultimate Ears) Roll

UE RollSince we’re spending all this time near the water, the Ultimate Ears Roll is a handy companion to have. A light-weight, rechargeable, Bluetooth-enabled speaker that can survive in up to a metre of water for up to 30 minutes (plus it as an inflatable casing that’ll make it float), you could clip one of these to your pants while out watercrafting, leave it at river- and ocean-side with all the landlubbers so they can get their party on, or you can hide it inside a backpack and still carry your own soundtrack with you. You’re looking at about five and a half hours of playback, so it’ll actually outlast the JetSurf.

Castle Lite Smart Ice Core

Castle Lite Stay CoolOnce you’re done being cool, the Castle Lite Smart Ice Core should have finished keeping your Castle Lite cool. Actually, it will have been done ages ago but you drink responsibly, of course, so you’ve been avoiding the ice-cold drinks while out on the water. The Ice Core uses a silver Neopor polystyrene which has been infused with wonder-material graphite. The end result is that it’ll keep your drinks cooler, for longer. How much longer is up to you and how often you’re willing to top up the ice but you’ll know when you’ve reached optimum drinking temperature with the Smart Ice Core.

The limited edition cooler adds in the ‘Smart’ by including a temperature sensor and a small LCD screen into the packaging. Just pop it open, hit the ‘Press To Activate’ button and the sensor and battery combination will keep an eye in the temperature inside the Smart Ice Core. We know that there are times that a warm beer can taste good but South African summer is just not one of those times.


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