The Angry Birds movie looks like something we’d actually watch


Rovio’s Angry Birds was everywhere for the longest time. Now… it’s scarcely spoken about. But it might be on the tip of your tongue again soon than expected.

We’ve known about the existence of an Angry Birds movie for some time and it’s finally gearing up for release after being announced in 2013. There’s a 20 May date attached to the film but a new theatrical trailer for the 3D animated outing has given us a preview of what to expect. We have to say that we’re pleasantly surprised.

The tale, featuring Red, Chuck and Bomb as the three main characters, will be facing off against a horde of green pigs who have stolen a bunch of eggs from the birds who live on a little island paradise. There’s a disappointing eagle (played by Tyrion Lannister Peter Dinklage), a bit of anger management, and what looks to be a storyline that borrows from the game’s premise but actually makes a viable go of a simple destruction game. We hope. The trailer looks promising enough to make us want to watch The Angry Birds Movie come May this year. That’s something, right?


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