Seacom has broken again – Send bandwidth


If you can read this, you’re one of the lucky ones. Anarchy has broken out in the Stuff offices. We’ve started modifying cars, hoarding water, and we’ve already voted on who we’re going to eat first when civilisation breaks down. There’s just no way for us to cope with – horror of horrors – having to wait for videos to buffer.

Yes, our fibre line isn’t working at its usual massive capacity. That’s quite a First World Problem, though, as slow internet for Stuff is still pretty quick, you know? South Africans in general are battling with connectivity, thanks to another Seacom outage.

The current incident, the second in the last week, originates from Egypt, according to Fin24. Seacom’s Claes Segelberg explains that construction work in the region has led to the constricted pipes here in South Africa (and a few other locations as well but we’re not worrying about them while we have to wait for pages to load).

The current outage isn’t quite as bad as the last, which took place on 21 January, where both Seacom and WACS were down at the same time. Things should be back up and running at full capacity shortly.


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