Light Start – The CIA on UFOs, Hyperloop construction, a new Xiaomi, and Dangerous Golf


If you’re going to take photos of UFOs, this is what the CIA recommends

XCOM HeaderThe 1960s were an interesting time. There were a lot of drugs floating around, everyone had long hair and several wars were taking place. Plus, American government agencies were issuing guidelines on how to take photos of extra-terrestrials. The Central Intelligence Agency had one of those guides and it was recently unearthed. Right about the time of the X-Files miniseries’ release, come to think of it. No matter though, the good folks over at Motherboard have taken this ten-point guideline, with its tips like “Set your camera to infinity”, and updated it for the modern day. Hit the link below and be prepared in the event of an alien sighting. Or, you know, use the advice to make your day-to-day photography just a little better.

Source: Motherboard

The Hyperloop test track gets a construction boost from AECOM

AEComA company called AECOM has, as part of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, been selected to design and build the test track for Elon Musk’s Hyperloop concept. And we couldn’t be happier, because the company is massive and known for building impressive things (like the Crossrail tunnel in London) so they’re not going to be skimping on the Hyperloop. AECOM CEO Michael S. Burke said “AECOM has designed and built some of the world’s most impressive transportation systems, so we appreciate how the development of a functioning Hyperloop with SpaceX can dramatically expand the ways people move across cities, countries and continents.” Looks like this one might actually happen.

Source: BusinessWire

A new Xiaomi will be revealed at the end of February 

Mi5Xiaomi have made quite the impression on us. Not the sort of impression you make in a skull when you throw a phone at someone’s head, it’s been an altogether more positive experience. And we’re set for another good one, with a new Xiaomi announcement coming on 24 February. The Mi 5 is a good bet, given the teaser image that was shown on Twitter, and there have been a few specification leaks to look over as well. Android Central claims that the Mi 5 will have a 5.2-inch QHD display, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a 16MP/13MP camera combination. Which all sounds… quite nifty, actually. We can’t wait to see the full specs list, as that’ll put our processor wonderings to rest, but if Xiaomi continues the way they have been of late, we’re probably sold.

Source: Hugo Barra (Twitter)

Regular golf too relaxing? Time to try out some Dangerous Golf

Dangerous GolfWhat happens when the team who made Burnout, one of the most destructive driving games we’ve ever had the pleasure of playing, goes and makes a golf title? Dangerous Golf sounds about right, a PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One game that we should see in May this year. Basically, take a game of golf, put it into an unusual and highly destructible environment, and then set the ball on fire. In other words, take golf and make it as awesome as possible. The studio behind Dangerous Golf, Three Fields Entertainment, have more or less taken the Showtime mechanic from Burnout and made a golf game out of it. The point is destruction, and you’ll have 100 holes and several locations to achieve that. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for some actual footage of this one in the coming months.

Source: Three Fields Entertainment


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