Light Start – 330km/h toys, Kickstarting Android, improbable soda, and virtual reality dining


This is how you satisfy a need for speed (without DLC or speeding tickets)

Someone out there with the correct experience might be able to tell us just what is going on in this video. It’s almost obvious: A couple of guys are getting a small remote-controlled vehicle going on a circular track, shepherding it along until it gets fast enough for the speed camera to kick in. And kick in it does, with the small vehicle starting to smoke at around the 180km/h mark. If you thought that was  fast, the little… thing…. keeps on picking up speed until it’s zooming around at 329km/h – fast enough to make a supercar sit back and go ‘Huh…”. If this little RC bullet ever managed to leave the track at this speed, it wouldn’t make a dent so much as a large, smoking hole.

Source: via Gizmodo

Kickstarter, after taking its sweet bloody time, is finally on Android

Kickstarter AndroidWe’ve argued back and forth over which is the better platform: Android or iOS. And while Android usually wins this disagreement (deal with it), things that side can take their time. Kickstarter, for instance, has had a mobile app on iOS for almost three years. Android has had… nothing. Until now. You can finally back a wildly ambitious Kickstarter project from a Samsung or an LG without having to experience the hassle of using a web browser. If you want to back projects, see what said projects are up to, and discover new things to throw money at, head on over to the Play Store and get downloading.

Source: Kickstarter

If you have too much time on your hands, this is how you drink a Coke

To be fair, this video is to technology what Derelicte is to the fashion industry. But since people have started taking Mugatu’s fashion sense seriously (looking at you, Kayne), we can appreciate the time and effort that went into drinking this particular can of Coke. This 3:41 minute video shows off a Rube Goldberg machine of epic proportions, constructed from the kind of thing that you’ll find around a particularly untidy primary school classes. It looks as though it was put together in a hurry but once you see the execution, you’ll be able to see just how carefully planned it all was. Using lightbulbs rolling around a slanted board to direct a small ball into a hole? This is very nearly genius.

Source: berlagawesome (YouTube)

Cellphones are bad enough but now Samsung wants you to use VR at the dinner table

Samsung Stock PhotoPlease don’t be real, please don’t be real, please don’t be… aw, crap. It’s real. Samsung are trying to punt using the Gear VR virtual reality headset as part of a high-end dining event. Really? Yes, really. It’s been done, with Sublimotion in Ibiza, but attempting to spread the idea to more than just a 12-person concept experience might be a little silly. The idea is that food is served, being paired with all of the usual tastes, smells and other complimentary effects, while adding in the location-changing abilities made possible by virtual reality. This could work if you’ve got a chef, a massive staff and can charge lots of money for very small plates. It’s almost artistic. But try and picture trying to go on a date or, even worse, taking a family to a Spur when VR headsets are going to be part of the outing…

Source: Samsung


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