Samsung has a new wearable activity tracker en route – Here’s what it looks like


Samsung’s Gear S2 smart wearable has some company on the way and we’ve got a good idea what it looks like, thanks to an extensive image leak of the device. The wristwear, which lacks an official moniker but does have a model number (SM-R150), bears a striking resemblance to the S2. The circular design and rotating bezel are a bit of a giveaway.

Where it differs is that it’s thought to be based on Samsung’s so-called Bio Processor, a chipset designed for use in the company’s fitness gear. The Bio Processor can, according to SamMobile, “…monitor heart rate, perform electrocardiogram as well as measure body fat, galvanic skin response and skin temperature”, can perform access control functions (using a person’s heartbeat as a ‘key’), and a couple of other handy things. Fancy, but ultimately not ready quite yet.

The SM-R150 doesn’t go quite as far but looks to incorporate a heart-rate monitor, could be clipped onto clothing, and it might be able to track body fat, water intake and perhaps reps during workout sessions. So very much fitness focused then, even if its mostly at a software level. Speaking of software, the as-yet unnamed device seems to be running an updated Tizen OS.

We should be seeing some official word from Samsung on this soon-ish. Mobile World Congress 2016 looks like the most likely bet, though a few more extensive leaks could lead to an early reveal.

Source: via SamMobile


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