Follow your heart or follow a dating app? Why not both?


We’ve all heard of Tinder, at the very least, and there are versions of the popular dating app out there for everyone from same-sex couples to those with specific political or religious leanings to bacon aficionados. But there’s a dating app out there, called Once, which wants you to follow your heart. Literally.

Dating apps generally rely on physical stimulus. You swipe, see someone that looks like someone you might you like and then, possibly, start talking to them to see whether the personality matches the er… drapes. So to speak. But what if you could add another physical response into the mix, one that accounts for more than just your eyes?

Once typically pairs you up with a single person over a 24-hours period, someone who has been selected with you in mind by an actual human being. You and your potential partner are notified at the same time, adding the all-important element of a limited-time offer to your dating stress. But Once have also added something else – fitness tracker support. Specifically Fitbit and Android Wear support, more specifically support for those devices with a heart-rate monitor.

Once are adding heartbeat-tracking support to their once-a-day matchups, with the aim of using your body’s response to their suggestions to further refine their matche, by suggesting people who feature similar looks or social circumstances to their users. Who knows, perhaps users might find out that they have a previously unacknowledged ‘type’ that they can look out for.

Once’s Heartbeat feature, which only shows the user their own heartbeat in the first few moments of seeing their latest match, is due for more updates soon and will evolve over time. Sadly for the lonely out there, the service is only available for use in Spain, France and the UK at the moment. Everyone else seems to be launching in South Africa though, so there’s at least a chance that Once will appear on our shores. Eventually.

Source: via Once (YouTube)


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