This is how you Summon a Tesla


Tesla’s vehicles have gotten a new firmware update, to version 7.1, and one of the new features is a little something called Summon. As you might have guessed, it has something to do with calling your Tesla to you though you’re not allowed to use it in public at the moment.

Using at at home will let users tell the car to either place itself in or remove itself from a garage, by driving forward or reversing. Sensors do most of the work and if the car is connected to the garage doors, via Tesla’s Homelink connection, then it’ll open and close the doors without human intervention to boot.

As features go, it’s not massively practical but it’s definitely something we’d use incessantly. To show off, to put the car away once we’ve unloaded groceries, or to shave a few minutes off in the morning so we can finish our coffee before bailing into traffic, for instance. Sadly, the feature’s only functional in the States for the moment but when we finally get our hands on a Tesla, we’re going to Summon the hell out of it.

Source: Electrek


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