Samsung at CES 2016 – Tablets and fridges and watches and TV tech


Samsung haven’t done what they usually do and attempt to take over the whole of CES but they’re also not resting on their laurels. We’re expecting big things from the company’s Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress a little later this year but in the meantime they’ve announced a few things that have nothing to do with smartphones. And, well, here they are.

Samsung’s hoping to scratch the Surface with the TabPro S

galaxy-tabpro-s-black-perspective-1Samsung’s TabPro S leaked out a little earlier than it should have but it’s still perhaps the highlight of the company’s CES 2016 showing. It’s a tablet, which isn’t unusual for Samsung, but it’s a 12-inch tablet specifically which is running Windows 10. Wait, what? Yeah, that’s correct, the TabPro S is a Core M 2.2GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB or 256GB tablet in the vein of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. Complete with a keyboard cover bundled in. The device measures just 6.2mm and weighs in at 693 grams. Nice. We’d like a little more detail on this actual Windows 10 2-in-1 coming from Samsung of all places but we’re not going to be complaining if one of them falls into our laps. Expect a February launch, overseas at least, and hopefully we’ll have pricing and local availability for you sooner than that.

Living In The Fridge

samsung_fridge_mainIf there’s one thing we hate, it’s when the NSA stands behind us in the grocery store trying to see what we’ve stacked inside the trolley. Samsung’s newest smart fridge, which is at CES this year, means that the NSA won’t have to leave the house to see what you’re eating these days. Kinda. The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator comes with an internal camera which, when paired with the smartphone app, lets you remotely peer inside to see that you’ve forgotten to pick up milk. Again. But if you’re in the store, you might manage to grab those missing items after all. Sammy are including a 21.5-inch touchscreen as well as support for a shopping app that will let you order your groceries online. From the fridge door. Of course you’ll need to live in the States for it to actually work but it’s still a cool idea.

Samsung reveals two new Gear S2 options

samsung-gear-s2-platinum-goldSamsung’s Tizen-powered Gear S2 is the watchiest smartwatch to come from the South Korean company but previous editions might not have appealed to everyone. Which is probably why CES 2016 has seen the announcement of two new Gear S2 Classic options, in 18 karat rose gold and one in platinum, with a white and black leather strap respectively. Samsung haven’t mucked with the internals at all, they’ve just going for the high-end body materials. Which means that you’re going to wind up paying more for these items once Samsung makes a price and release date known. Or you could grab a more stock Gear S2 Classic and actually meet your rent payments.

Samsung’s still delaying OLED TVs, opting instead for Quantum Dots

samsung_suhd_ces_2016_2If you’re waiting for an OLED 4K screen from Samsung, you’re going to have to keep waiting. The company has opted instead to focus on what they call Quantum Dot tech for their 2016 TV screens. Quantum Dots are little liquid crystals in their backlit LCDs which make the screens look even better than before. By all accounts the 2016 lineup is very impressive as a result. But that’s not all that Samsung are doing. HDR (High Dynamic Range) and a new Ultra HD Premium designation for their panels also contributes to the impressiveness. They’re also trying to do away with bezels, as much as is possible, and the result is the KS9500 SUHD TV which, you know, lacks them. Awesome. When will we see it this side and what will the model number change into? We’ll… have to get back to you on that one, there’s not even a price floating about at this point.


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