Faraday Future’s FFZero1 electric hypercar concept comes from the future


You might have heard rumours that motor vehicle company Faraday Future is actually Apple in disguise, putting together their vehicular ambitions in (more or less) secret. We’re still not totally sure on that score but what we are sure of is that Faraday’s FFZero 1 concept electric vehicle, on show at CES 2016, is probably a time machine in disguise.

How else do you explain the design, which wouldn’t look out of place in a video game or a billionaire superhero’s underground parking lot (Stark or Wayne – your call). There’s a massive tail-fin (which can display digital information on the side – good for sponsors, yes?), vents and air channels and then there’s the single-seat position. Do we get a pit-crew with this one?

Oh yes, and the 320km/h+ top speed and 0 to 100km/h in an expected 3 seconds from this concept vehicle. Which you’d expect from an electric car that plays host to 1,000 horses via four engines found under the shell. The high-performance EV seems to owe more to vehicles on the Formula One track than traditional road cars. But it’s still just a concept, so don’t go expecting to see one any time soon.

The FFZero 1 is described as a test-bed, so it could be used as a base for other vehicles from Faraday. We might see something from the fledgling company (which may or may not be Apple) soon but it probably won’t be this. And if anyone asks in the meantime, this is the only F Zero you need to worry about. Even if Faraday’s FFZero 1 wouldn’t look out of place on the track.

Source: Faraday Future


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