Happy New Year, from the Stuff Team


This is it, we made it to the very end of 2015. This year has seemed both extremely long and very, very short, and we’re not sure why that is. Time paradox, perhaps?

It might also have something to do with printing deadlines. We’ve all been living in 2016 for some time so it’s disorienting to find out that tonight’s the night that we’re going to be ushering in the New Year.

Now’s a good time to take a look back at the year that was, at least in part, before looking ahead. The whole Stuff team has a set of resolutions which we intend to break as soon as possible. Perhaps you’ll fare better than us. In the meantime, here are some of our 2015 highlights.

Two men and a couple of jetpacks

‘Nuff said.

Everyone wants to know what the Galaxy S7 is going to be like

S6 Edge Plus FrontWhen it came to speculation in 2015, Apple just couldn’t hold a candle to the interest people displayed in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 smartphone. Why? Because Samsung turned heads this year, that’s why.

The launch of ShowMax

ShowMax home page smallIt’s no Netflix but Naspers-owned ShowMax launched in South Africa in August 2015 and was immediately one of the most popular stories to land on Stuff. Time still has to tell for streaming video services in South Africa but so far there are strong starts all round.

These are just three highlights from a year full of them for Stuff Magazine South Africa. We’re expecting just as much from 2016 but would like to know if anything stood out in 2015 for you. Just pop something in the comments below.

Thanks for sticking with us this far – that is assuming you’re reading this instead of sitting on a beach somewhere, catching a few rays and daydreaming about tonight’s festivities. Actually… your idea sounds better.  We’re going to go and get on that as soon as possible.

While we expect everyone to have their events on this evening, whether it’s a small family get-together or the largest party you could possibly be invited to, we hope that everyone will spend their evening being safe. We can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow. Happy New Year, from the whole Stuff team.


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