Watch Ron Swanson drink whisky for 45 minutes in Nick Offerman’s Yule Log


You’ve watched Parks and Recreation, right? You’re aware of who Ron Swanson, the manliest man to come out of television in a very long time, is, right? Now you need to ask yourself: Do you have the single-minded focus to watch Swanson sit and drink Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky for about 45 minutes?

The video is called Nick Offerman’s Yule Log, named for the actor who portrays Swanson, and involves nothing more or less than Offerman sitting in a chair, next to a fire, and enjoying his whisky. That’s it. Just Ron Swanson, drinking very good whisky quietly. As far as Christmas videos go, this is quite effective.

This also has to be some of the best advertising we’ve ever seen. Offerman and distillery Diageo, who make Lagavulin and Oban, have teamed up to create the My Tales of Whiskey YouTube channel and this presentation, the latest from their combined efforts, could almost double as a meditative experience. It’s that peaceful. Hopefully you’re enjoying your time off just as much.


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