Our two Sphero BB-8 winners are…


Tomorrow is the grand opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If you don’t know that then you’re probably just returning from a sojourn in the Dagobah System, far from Twitter, social networks, the internet… and you probably didn’t have the Force to guide you either.

Long story short, today’s a pretty good day to be giving away two little phone-controlled drones based on The Force Awakens‘ newest droid – the Sphero BB-8. So that’s just what we’re going to do with this Tuesday afternoon. Hope you’re ready.

BB-8 Sphero droidBut first, as is custom, we have a couple of legal things to get out of the way. This is how the whole thing goes down every month: Winner’s names are drawn randomly by a computer that has been fed everyone’s names and has decided which one tastes the best. Once the name has been drawn, the entry is examined to see whether the question has been answered correctly and, if it hasn’t been, the draw is discarded and a new winner is drawn. That’s it. Unless you work for Stuff Magazine in one way or another, in which case you were disqualified before you even started.

With that out of the way, our two Sphero BB-8 winners are:

Carolyn Augustus


Raeesa Lahree

Congrats to Carolyn and Raeesa, who should keep an eye on their inboxes for an email confirming their details. To everyone who didn’t win: We’ll be back next year with a new batch of giveaways. Have a great festive season


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