2015 on YouTube summed up in less than seven minutes – musically


Caution – Extensive dramatic reenactment above.

YouTube has dropped their 2015 Rewind video, which is about six and a half minutes of the year that was. Suitably reenacted, using the odd celebrity (hi, John Oliver – love your work) and actors (or, more likely, interns) to portray the people who generated some of the most views on the video sharing service this year. 2015 isn’t over yet, though, so this look back at 2015 is bound to have missed something. Which hasn’t happened yet. You get the point.

If you’re not after the all-singing, all-dancing retrospective – and it’s a bit cheerful for a Thursday afternoon when you’re still at work, to be honest – then you can check out YouTube’s Rewind channel. The Top 10 most-watched videos in SA are… mostly political or criminal in nature and are not nearly as cheerful as YouTube’s look. It might be a plan to stick to the Top 10 most watched music videos in SA instead.



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