Light Start – Cardboard Fender, Cat-packs, 4K Vimeo, Far Cry Primal, and Epson recycling


For the ultimate in hipster musical instruments, here’s a cardboard Fender guitar

This is more an instrument for rockers and less one for hipsters but if you were ever looking for a vegan guitar, this probably qualifies. Signal Snowboard have been on a make-things-from-cardboard kick of late and they’ve gone and made a Fender from the papery substance. Fender was instrumental in shaping the guitar and adding the pickups and they also test drove the instrument. For a mostly see-through (body and neck) guitar, it sounds pretty darned good. Though we’d probably not want to jar the neck when playing, lest the strings bend the Fender in half.

Source: Signal Snowboards

If we were absolutely going to have to put an animal in a backpack, it would be in one of these

U-PetLook, we’re not rich enough and don’t wear enough pink to get away with putting animals in bags and walking about in public. But if we met those conditions then the U-Pet would be the conveyance of choice, rather than sticking a small, nervous canine into a purse. That’s because the U-Pet brings to mind early space missions, with a very space-aged domed viewing port for your kitty or pooch to use to look out at the world. We’re still not sure that this is a great idea – we’ve stuck a cat in a car before and they’d probably take exception to being crammed into a suitcase. No matter how awesome it would look in an Instagram photo.

Source: U-Pet via Gizmodo

Vimeo will now let you stream video in 4K

Video service Vimeo has had 4K uploads for its Pro users for some time but users haven’t been able to stream at that lovely UHD resolution. You still can’t, sadly, but that’s going to change. They’re currently rolling out the ability to stream video content in 4K, rather than having to download in first. The rollout should be finished by the end of the first quarter of 2016. Now more than ever it might be time to look at getting that 4K screen, whether it’s a TV or monitor.

Source: The Next Web

Far Cry Primal will have you taming all sorts of beasts in the Stone Age

The Far Cry series is going to the Stone Age with Far Cry Primal and a new gameplay reveal has pointed out one of the major game mechanics. Since you’ll be using arrows, daggers and spears rather than assault weapons, you’ll also have an animal companion alongside to help you out. Because you’re a beast master, apparently, and are able to tame these critters. In the short video above you’ll see a sabre-toothed tiger, wolf,  and bear, who each seem to be used in specific settings. This is an evolution of the Far Cry 4 Shangri La gameplay sections with its mystic tiger assistant and we’re expecting it to be awesome. Because giant cat assistants.

Source: The Game Awards (YouTube)

Epson’s PaperLab will let you recycle paper in your office

We’re used to Epson making high-speed office printers. Or projectors, but that’s not relevant right now. This is something completely different, more or less the opposite of printing ink on paper. The company has a new product called the PaperLab, set for release in Japan in 2016, which takes printed paper and turns it into crisp white paper ready for reuse. Without having to bundle it into a truck and send it to a special recycling facility. How they do this, precisely, has not been revealed but it’s bound to be a very high-tech solution since it uses very, very little water.

Source: via Ars Technica


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