Light Start – Minecraft phone, Monument Valley, The Force Awakens (VR), custom McLaren, and Samurai Jack


Verizon have made a working smartphone inside Minecraft

We’ve seen something very interesting things made inside Minecraft. A scale model of the Starship Enterprise. A fully working Redstone computer. A giant pixel Mario. But this creation by American cellular provider Verizon takes the cake. If there was any cake, we mean. They’ve created a working cellular phone inside Minecraft, as well as a cellular tower, which is able to make and take calls (by connecting to the outside world), browse the web, and make video calls. All of this is rather blocky but that’s what you get when you’re using Minecraft. Okay, we’ve got a slightly better idea why Notch made $2 billion selling his company to Microsoft now.

Source: CaptainSparklez

Monument Valley is free on iOS – for now

If you haven’t played Monument Valley, hopefully only because you couldn’t afford it and not because you bought it and then ignored it (you monster), then we have good news. For the moment you can get Monument Valley for iOS free of charge. That’s it, that’s all you need to know. Sadly, Android users will still have to pay for the gorgeous little puzzler and if you’re on iOS there’s still kind of a cost – the new Forgotten Shores expansion will set you back around 30 bucks. Grab the free edition at the link below.

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That Star Wars Cardboard VR experience, Jakku Spy, is now live

JakkuThe Star Wars Cardboard virtual reality experience, called Jakku Spy, is now live through the official Star Wars app. You’ve already downloaded that, right? Jakku Spy will put viewers on the ground at Jakku, looking around at wreckage and speeders for the moment, with additional content being loaded up on the way to The Force Awakens‘ release on 18 December. This includes messages from the Resistance and a few other experiences which haven’t been clarified yet.

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McLaren MSO will build you a car – if you have the money for it

McLarenIf you thought having a McLaren before was expensive… the company’s chief designer Robert Melville has said that McLaren’s Special Operations (MSO) division will make you a custom car. Melville said, speaking to Autocar, that “With MSO, we did a car a few years ago that was harking back to coachbuilding. If you come to MSO, we could design you an all-new body, a power increase or decrease. We can design you whatever you want…” Don’t get excited though, you’re going to need taxpayer-funded amounts of money in order to afford it. We’re talking millions of pounds, which is even more expensive in South African currency. Still, it’s nice to know that it’s an option if we ever strike oil.

Source: Autocar

Samurai Jack is heading to Adult Swim’s Toonami, here’s a five-second teaser

You say that this isn’t a suitable venue for Samurai Jack’s return, after a decade in limbo once the show was cancelled by the demon Aku? It’s not right that series animator Genndy Tartakovsky will be bringing the series to Adult Swim’s Toonami platform in 2016? You don’t care that Jack’s journey will finally continue? Then we have nothing more to talk about. The rest of you? You guys are okay. We’ll watch cartoons with you all soon.

Source: The Verge


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