R275,000 isn’t too much to pay for a Super Mario Bros. watch, right?


We’ve met the occasionally Nintendo super-fan but never somebody quite this dedicated to the Japanese gaming company’s mascot. According to watch blog A Blog to Watch, Swiss timepiece company Romain Jerome is going to be launching a special-edition Super Mario Bros. wristwatch, in association with Nintendo.

Super Mario Bros. WatchThe wristwatch will be launching before the end of this year, so that it’s in time for the 30th anniversary of the Italian plumber’s first appearance. That’s right, Mario turns 30 this year. The watch itself is fairly basic, as these things go. There are Swiss-made mechanical innards and the Mario Bros. iconography but it’s not going to pick up notifications from your smartphone or anything like that. It’s not that sort of watch.

There will be 85 of the limited-edition watches available, a nod to the official first appearance of Mario in 1985. You’re going to have to be a well-heeled Nintendo fan in order to own one of the watches though, because they’re selling for a little under $19,000 – or around R275,000.

Source: via A Blog to Watch


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