ICYMI – Jeremy Clarkson is going to try and sell you on Amazon’s Prime Air drone deliveries


In case you missed it on the Light Start page this morning (seriously, you should sign up for that one. Saves having to check the web in the AM), Jeremy Clarkson has taken to video in an Amazon advert for the Amazon Prime Air pipe dream service that the online shopping juggernaut is trying to get off the ground.

Unsurprising, really, as Clarkson’s new TV show is also being made by Amazon. But there’s something about his voice-over, the extremely-likely scenario and the very satisfied bulldog that brings Amazon’s drone delivery ambitions into focus. Well, that and the actual footage of a drone delivery happening.

That last bit isn’t important, though. As Clarkson, Hammond and the other one might say, it’s not getting there that’s important. It’s getting there as quickly as possible, and a 30-minute drone delivery sounds right up their alley. Assuming Amazon ever gets permission to put this plan into action, that is.

Source: Amazon (YouTube)


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