DJI has a brand new drone – and this one’s a crop-duster


Drones for photographers, drones for shrinks, drones for soldiers, and drones for anyone else who blinks… bad Dr. Seuss rhyme scheming aside, there seems to be a drone for everyone these days. So it makes sense that DJI has designed a drone specifically for the agricultural community – the MG-1.

What’s special about the Agras MG-1 isn’t that it features an intelligent camera gimbal and rock-steady recording, the MG-1 is something else entirely: A crop-duster. The DJI kit has a ten-litre tank for pesticides and can be used to spray crops. The drone lasts about 12 minutes per charge and can spray a pre-mapped location without human input. Handy for farmers, really.

But don’t go expecting that you’ll be able to nip out and buy one of these fairly large 10kg drones for use with your back garden. DJI have priced the Agras MG-1 at around R216,000. To be fair, the drone has been toughened and made dust-resistant to handle the working conditions. Plus, you know, it’s a crop-duster in a box.

The Agras MG-1 is set to launch first in China and then South Korea before travelling elsewhere around the world. If it makes it to SA, it’ll probably be in a strictly functional capacity. Unless Batman happens to live in Bloemfontein and is a drone hobbyist.

Source: DJI China via The Next Web


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