Light Start – Zero Pi, Nokia’s new phone, HD5750, Slack’s ads, and Star Wars translations


Just when you thought they couldn’t make Pi’s any smaller… 

Zero PiUsually when we’re complaining about the size of pies it’s because King Pie have skimped on the filling again. But no, this Pi shrinking is a good thing because the Raspberry Pi Zero is a complete computer. The thing is that it’s a lot smaller and a lot cheaper. How does $5 (about R72) grab you? And that’s for the complete machine, a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, dual microUSB slots, space for a microSD and a microHDMI for picture. Its longest measurement is about 6.5cm. Pi Zero indeed.

Source: via Ars Technica

Could this be what Nokia’s next smartphone will look like?

Nokia C1We’ve heard talk that, after selling their existing phone business to Microsoft, Nokia would be getting back into the game. And the first phone to enter the game is the Nokia C1, which nobody seems to be able to agree on. Above (check on the site if this is in your inbox) is the latest render of the apparent C1, showing several colour options, plus a design that looks like Nokia’s sort of style. And the handsets are running both Android and Windows Phone. The operating system options are interesting in themselves. We wonder why that is…

Source: GSMArena via Business Insider

If you’re still using AMD’s 5000 and 6000 series GPUs, it’s time to upgrade

HD6900Is you desktop still using one of AMD’s 5000 or 6000 series GPUs? You’re going to want to change that, as soon as possible. The company’s newest Crimson drivers have dropped support for what are now legacy graphics cards, even if said cards are still powerful enough to run Skyrim on Ultra. We’ve now got a 6000-series paperweight ourselves. Also included in this list are any other AMD GPUs that were created before they launched Graphics Core Next – so some 7000- and 8000-series cards are also no longer supported. Bummer

Source: Digital Trends

Slack’s first round of advertising includes kittens, unicorns and ice-cream

SlackDo you know what Slack is? It’s a team communication software that is supposed to cut down on email, increase productivity and cut back on meetings. These are all things that we’re okay with. And now they’re advertising themselves as being a fluffy, happy place filled with unicorns, kittens and ice cream. Not things we typically associate with the office, except that one time when we took something for our heads before heading in to the weekly meeting. That was fun. Back on topic, expect to see Slack’s unicorns everywhere online soon.

Source: Adweek

Google is now fluent in more forms of communication

C3P0If Google doesn’t have enough Star Wars easter eggs for you to find, now there’s something new. The company has added Arubesh, one of the written languages from the Star Wars universe, to Google Translate. We’re assuming this is a temporary addition but we somehow thing that this one will stick around. Now that all of the obvious things are out of the way, we’re wondering what Disney and Google have planned next for the run-up to The Force Awakens.

Source: Google Translate


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