Captain America: Civil War’s first trailer knocks the crap out of Iron Man


Marvel, now part of the Disney Juggernaut that has brought you this deluge of Star Wars everything taking over the… planet, has a new Captain America film on the way and the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War sees Cap and a few of his friends (the ones that have his back) taking on Iron Man and and his crew.

Far from being a gang vs. gang situation, it seems that government – notably the US government – are looking to limit the powers of superheroes. Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark/Iron Man and a few of the Avengers are okay with this state of affairs but Captain America… he’s not as impressed with these government limitations. Especially as they’ll land his friend Bucky into a lot of trouble. As you’ll see by the end of the trailer Cap and Bucky (otherwise known as the Winter Soldier) take their frustrations out on Iron Man in no uncertain terms.

If you’re familiar with the actual Civil War story arc then you’ll be aware that the upcoming feature film only really resembles it in the fact that Cap and Iron Man are on opposite sides. But don’t tell the movie fans that, they think this is how it goes. Beside, you’re used to alternate universes – this should be a cracking ride by itself, even if it’s not quite as far-reaching as you might have hoped.


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