Samsung’s newest TV ad sees ‘happy accidents’ leading to a new SUHD


How far would you go to get your hands on one of Samsung’s newest SUHD TV screens. Samsung imagines the possibilities with their newest overseas TV advertisement, which puts a series of older flat-screen TVs in some very mortal peril.

The takeaway, obviously, is that you’ll be using a so-called happy accident to avail yourself of one of Samsung’s SUHD screens. Even though the ‘accident’ isn’t quite as accidental as it will seem to any possible witnesses. And then Samsung closes with a disclaimer asking you not to actually attempt any of these ‘happy accidents’ on your own. Because you might not be able to replace your screen with a new Samsung TV. Also: lawyers.

As a side note, we’ve actually seen the ‘happy accident’ being used as a legitimate tactic to replace an ageing piece of tech in a certain home. Names will not be named, in order to protect the guilty.


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