In the December 2015 issue of Stuff Magazine



In the December issue of Stuff Magazine we’re all about the gifts. Specifically, taking the hassle out of hunting for them. We’ve got a selection of pressies for every type of person in your life – from sports nuts to readers to audiophiles. We have them all covered. 

Blops ModeOf course there’s more than just the best selection of gifts this side of Alpha Centauri. We examine what it takes to make in the sometimes-lucrative world of professional gaming. It involves playing games until your eyes start to bleed. And… a few other important things, admittedly.

iPhone 6s and 6s PlusWe’ve also gone hands, fingers and occasionally tongue-on with the Apple iPhone 6s Plus – just don’t tell Core just how extensive our testing actually is. They might not appreciate it. But we’ve got the results back and the 6s Plus is the most powerful iPhone yet.

R2D2 FridgeWe might have also included a couple of pages of Star Wars kit, from reasonably-priced Moleskines to a massively-costly R2D2 bar fridge with remote control and authentic sound reproduction. Because, well, it’s December. And in December, The Force Awakens. We’re all going to be on leave at that point so look for us in the queue.

Tesla Model XThere’s still more. Much more. Stuff‘s 2015 wish-list, which is appended to the back of the December issue, for starters. Board games. The Tesla Model X. Space photos. Apps. Games. The Top 10 lists. The hits just keep coming.

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