Hawk’s Eye View – Watch the Birdman hit a horizontal loop with Sony’s action cam


If you want to get our attention, then use Tony Hawk to promote your product. Even if that product isn’t real. So checking out the Birdman’s promotional video for Sony’s Action Cam er… action cam isn’t a hardship because in between the product placement is the Hawk hitting a horizontal loop.

You’ll see Tony Hawk setting up what could be the first horizontal loop in the world – not by himself obviously – and then taking a few test-drives into a pile of cushions. Then, once his confidence is up, the pillows are shunted aside and the run begins.

Look, in all honesty we wouldn’t expect this to be all that tough for a skater of Tony Hawk’s calibre. As it happens, it’s something that he achieves, narrowly missing removing the top of his head in the process. If more promotional videos were this interesting, we wouldn’t mind volunteering for watching ads. Did we say that out loud…?


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