If you want a Xiaomi Mi 4, you’re going to have to compete for it


Damn that trickle of information around the Xiaomi Mi 4 handset launch in South Africa. First it was pricing and launch (more or less), then it was a price drop, now Mobile In Africa have added that all-important element to purchasing a phone. Competition. That’s sure to go over well.

The Xiaomi Mi 4 will become available in South Africa via an online Flash Sale, which will take place on 27 November at 12:00 – so now we have a very precise launch date, at least. There are going to be limited numbers of the phone so, according to MIA, “This is the fairest way to allocate the limited amount of stock on day one, and assures that those most eager to get a Mi 4 quickly, can get one with a bit of online effort.”

The sale will continue until all of the Mi 4 handsets are gone but you’ll need to do some work in advance in order to secure a R3,800 smartphone from Xiaomi.

Flash SaleIn order to take part in the Flash Sale, you need to register on Mobile In Africa’s website. Registration started today at 9:00, in theory, but at the time of writing the registration page wasn’t active yet. It should be active soon – it seems they’re working on it as these words are being typed.

Mobile In Africa recommends logging in early on the day (around 10AM). The Mi handsets are no strangers to flash sales and other launches have seen the phones sold out “in seconds”.



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