Star Wars: The First One – The Honest Trailer


Star Wars is an odd film, in a manner of speaking. We’re aware that you probably could criticise it but you’re going to have a whole lot of fans ready to jump down your throat if you do. It’s only okay if they do it, apparently, or if the subject of mockery is Jar-Jar Binks.

Someone else who can get away with pointing out the flaws in one of the most iconic films in science fiction is the narrator for Honest Trailers and that’s just what he’s done. Star Wars: The First One gets the Honest Trailer treatment, pointing out things you’ve seen for so long that you forgot they existed. And CGI dinosaurs – loads of those things too.

This is all part of the run-up to what will be Star Wars Day on 18 December, when The Force Awakens launches worldwide. Expect Disney’s newest film to cause some kind of scene on the internet on the day – only time will tell if it’s a good or a bad scene.


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