Huawei’s battery tech can charge your phone up to 48%, in just five minutes


There’s no need for us to tell you the horrors of a dead battery before your night’s finished. With no apps at your disposal, you’re forced to manually call a taxi from a non-existent payphone, rather than just paging Uber for a pickup.

huawei-fast-chargeFast-charging tech like Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3 – which manages to juice up handsets up to 80% in 35 minutes – go a long way to alleviate battery drain, but Huawei’s latest prototype leaves those number in the dust.

The Chinese smartphone giant has shown off a fast-charging power pack, which boast some impressive figures. It can fill up a 3,000mAh battery up to 48% in an impressive five minutes, while a smaller 600mAh battery can hit 68% in two minutes.

Currently the setup is too bulky to use in the sleek handsets we’re all used to, and you have to remove the battery from the phone each time.

If Huawei can shrink the tech down to a pocketable size though (or even somehow manage to build it into smartphones themselves), then we could reap the rewards by never having to worry about running on fumes again.

Source: PC Mag


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