Light Start – Missy Elliott, Koenigsegg Regera, Everest VR, SuperDraco, and Hatsune Miku


Missy Elliott’s WTF hammers it out of the park

Go ahead and add your view to the the first new Missy Elliot track to hit YouTube in the past few years. It deserves it – and at least 11 million other people think so. And that’s since its launch on 12 November. It’s not the most meteoric rise in views for a new video this year, that crown belongs to British songstress Adele (heh), but it’s a mighty impressive feat for a performer who has largely been out of sight for the last decade.

Source: via The Next Web

The Koenigsegg Regera has Autoskin so you don’t have to touch it

We know that you want one of the very limited run of 80 Koenigsegg Regera vehicles coming from the Swedish supercar manufacturer. And we know that because we want one right alongside you, especially after seeing the reveal of the new hydraulically-operated Autoskin feature. Which means that you won’t have to touch anything, because the Regera can open its own doors, bonnet and boot. Makes sense, we’d be hesitant to touch a vehicle that starts at R29 million ourselves. Looks freaking awesome, though.

Source: Koenigsegg

Get ready to climb virtual mountains with Everest VR

The future of gaming isn’t set in stone. Or silicon. Well, maybe silicon. But we’re getting more and more excited about the possibilities of virtual reality, with this teaser for the upcoming Everest VR being one of the reasons for that. Why? Because VR could facilitate experiences that we might never have, like climbing the largest mountain in the world. Based on how good the model for the mountain itself looks in the above teaser video, we could be in for a lot of realism. Or they could nerf the mountain and make it a leisurely stroll to the top… we’re hoping for the former.

Source: SolfarStudios

SpaceX has another entry into the realm of awesome names, the SuperDraco

SpaceX already has a Falcon, Falcon Heavy, Dragon and the Crew Dragon, which they’re going to be using to transport humans to the International Space Station. Add another awesome name to the list – the engines in the Crew Dragon are called the SuperDracos and the SuperDraco engine was successfully test-fired this weekend. The video above shows you what that looked like. Not show is the SuperDraco engine setup potentially saving astronauts in the event something goes wrong.

Source: SpaceX

More virtual than reality – Hatsune Miku to tour the States and Canada

Do you know who (or what) Hatsune Miku is? She/it is a Japanese pop star who is going to be touring the United States and Canada in 2016. And if you’re not on the website and not able to see the video, there’s something else you need to know: Miku is about as real as the voice in your GPS. Hatsune Miku performs live in stage as a hologram but the vocal duties are taken up by Vocaloid, a set of software that mimics a human singing voice – no humans required. Except to program the damn thing, that is. We’re oddly okay with that. The sooner we can replace all pop stars with holograms, the sooner celebrity culture… will probably get worse, actually.

Source: Gizmodo


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