Fallout 4 ships 12 million, dents PornHub


If you’re reading this, the bombs have probably fallen. You’ve been in the Vaults for ages and probably haven’t seen daylight for just as long. But it’s time to emerge and take a shower, perhaps. We’re projecting, of course, because Fallout 4 has warped our fragile little minds.

Bethesda’s biggest and baddest RPG to date, Fallout 4 has shipped 12 million units. It had shipped that total on launch day, worldwide, with additional shipments expected to head to stores at a later stage. For a single-player RPG those are huge and very confident numbers.

That’s not a reflection on sales numbers, however. Any fool can ship huge numbers of a product to a store. But Fallout 4‘s digital sales make us think that not many of that initial 12 million will be headed back to base – around 1.87 million digital copies have also been sold, 1.2 million of those on PC. This could cannibalise retail sales but we don’t think that will be the case.

But that’s because Fallout 4, at launch, caused a drop in one of the busiest websites on the internet. That website would be PornHub, which saw a 10% drop in traffic which it attributes to gamers playing Fallout 4. The dips noticed in PornHub’s traffic would coincide with gamers starting their trips into the Wasteland. Or it could be PornHub’s always-savvy marketing department jumping on another trend but, again, we don’t think so.

Source: GamesIndustry, Forbes


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