Ride of the (Cobalt) Valkyries – the world’s fastest private plane


Are you a pilot? How much money do you have on hand? Do you want one of the world’s fastest private planes (for its class)? For R8.52 million ($595,000) you can pre-order yourself one of Cobalt’s Valkyrie-X planes, an experimental version of their Co50 Valkyrie planes. But there’s a catch.

In order to get your hands on the Valkyrie-X you’ll need to live in the States. But you can order the more expensive (and less experimental) Co50 Valkyrie from here in South Africa, which will set you back R10 million ($699,000). But why would you want either?

The Valkyrie-X is a five-seater, single engine, piston-driven plan which is the fastest in its class. Most piston single engine planes are capable of speeds of up to 242 knots (450km/h), while the X can reach 260 knots (480km/h). It’s a turbocharged 350HP engine so that might explain it. There’s a forewing, which helps to prevent stalls, and the Valkyrie-X has a range of just under 2,000km. The Co50 model is more or less identical, aside from the certifications, but if we were going to be in the sky in a little 5-seater we’d take all the certifications we could get.

Source: Tech Crunch


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