If the BlackBerry Priv takes off, this could be the company’s next Android


BlackBerry have finally let their first Android, the Priv, out into the wild and reviews are… varied, actually. But if it does well, we can expect to see more Android devices coming from BlackBerry… that still sounds so wrong.

BlackBerry ViennaBut if another Android is forthcoming, this is what it might look like (above, via CrackBerry). What you see here is Venice, reportedly the next Android to issue forth from the Canadian company. As you can see the form factor combines a more traditional BlackBerry keyboard idea with a lengthier Android-like screen, rather than opting for a slider format like the Priv.

Other specs, and even whether these renders are final (spoiler: they probably aren’t), aren’t known yet but we should be seeing more of Venice soon. Before BlackBerry wants us to officially know about it.

Source/Image: CrackBerry


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