Light Start – Epson Star Wars watches, Tag Heuer smartwatches, live-action Battlefront and more


For the Star Wars fan who has everything else, here’s a set of E-ink watches from Epson

Epson Smart CanvasYou’ve got it all. The full-sized Darth suit, scale model droids, so many X- and Y-Wing models that they’re tumbling out of every gap. What’s next? The branded game console, a new HP notebook, but there’s always the option of importing something really unusual. Epson, in Japan, has a series of e-ink watched branded with scenes and images from the original trilogy – unusual in a climate where everything is The Force Awakens. They’re not smart, as such, but each will set you back around R2,600 – but that’s probably the constantly-swapping graphics talking.

Source: Epson Japan (translated)

This is the Tag Heuer Connected Android Wear smartwatch

Tag Heuer SmartwatchSpeaking of watches, here’s something a bit smarter. Tag Heuer’s first Android Wear wristwear has been revealed and it’s the Connected that you’re going to want to be connected to. Assuming you have just over R21,000 ($1,500) to throw around. You’re paying extra for the name though, as the Connected will sport just 4GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, Bluetooth, WiFi, a 1.5-inch 360 x 360 display and a 410mAh battery, all wrapped in a water-resistant titanium body. And there’s a trade-in program going which will see you getting a purely mechanical Tag from the company, once you hand over your obsolete Android Wear device and about another R21,000 – after two years, that is.

Source: Ars Technica

Live-action Battlefront trailer – now with more Anna Kendrick

Despite looking like a representation of an unlikely mass phenomenon, the live-action Star Wars Battlefront is actually a pretty good analogy for what will happen when the PC, PS4 and Xbox One multiplayer shooter launches next week. People are going to be disappearing from the streets, from their offices and probably from exams in some extreme cases, in order to go and play Battlefront. We might be calling in sick that day too… and for the rest of the week. Oh, and there’s also extra Anna Kendrick in this trailer, with one of Ben Kenobi’s most famous lines on her lips.

Source: Sony PlayStation (YouTube)

It took this long? President Obama joins Facebook

POTUSAnd you thought that getting that one really slow family member onto Facebook so they could obsess over Likes and status updates like the rest of the world took a long time. United States President Barack Obama has just entered the Facebook age, as opposed to using the page run by his campaign or the White House. His first post, a video and description explaining what his page will be used for (some play, mostly work), is sitting with around 115,000 Likes at the moment, while the page as a whole has topped 500,000 Likes since it launched last night.

Source: POTUS (Facebook)

The first 104 backwards compatible games for Xbox One have been revealed (and Call of Duty isn’t one of them)

South Park SOT3Microsoft promised to introduce backwards compatibility to the Xbox One, so you wouldn’t have to turf your entire digital library of paid-for titles. They’ve been as good as their word, announcing the first 104 backwards compatible games from the Xbox 360. Oddly the biggest franchise in the gaming world right now, Call of Duty, isn’t among them. There’s probably a reason for that… Anyway, the majority of games are Arcade titles, meaning they’re more or less download only, but there are also hits like Just Cause 2, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Gears of War 1 through 3 (and Judgement) to look forward to. Among a whole lot of others. Check the whole list out at the link below.

Source: Major Nelson


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