An Australian jetpack in New York


Last week we got a good look at the Jetmen as they sparred (at a safe distance, no matter what perspective was telling you) with an Airbus and this week we get to see a man with a jetpack floating around in front of the Statue of Liberty. What’s the difference?

The Jetmen are using a wing, for one, which is basically a very small airplane strapped to the back. The jetpack on show above, the creation of Australian inventor (and pilot) David Mayman doesn’t use wings… That does mean that the ride isn’t quite as high, or as elegant, as the Dubia-based pilots’ but it has its own charms.

The JB-9 jetpack isn’t in production and this New York demonstration is more of a fund-raising and publicity event than anything else – think of it as a high-end proof of concept. But JetPack Aviation haven’t ruled out putting it on the market at some point, saying “One day we will be in a position to sell them and maybe sooner than people think but we want to make sure we have all the training systems, etc. right first. JB-9 is amazing but it’s just the start!”

Source: JetPack Aviation


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