Light Start – Death waffle, origami Nissan, Chronos, Faraday, and Warcraft


That’s not a moon, that’s a waffle maker

Death StarIf you must have every new Star Wars-related product on the market this year then you’re going to be a much, much poorer person by the time 1 January rolls around. But if your breakfasts could do with a bit more Force then you’re going to want to hit Think Geek pretty damned soon and get their Death Star waffle maker that, yes, makes little Death Star waffles. It’ll set you back $40 (R570), not counting shipping, but it’ll be worth it to bite into that vulnerable exhaust port.

Source: Think Geek

Nissan makes a full-sized Nissan Juke from paper

Nissan have gone and made themselves an origami Nissan Juke, in order to commemorate the mini-SUV’s fifth birthday. The resulting build isn’t drivable though, it’s just a full-sized paper replica of their vehicle. The creation process actually looks fairly easy – for a given value of ‘easy’ – when you compare it to other paper cars we’ve seen. This one is still an impressive feat of engineering, even if it looks like a car from a 2002 video game at the end of it.

Source: Nissan (YouTube)

Chronos wants to turn every watch into a smartwatch

ChronosChronos has a proposition for you. Not Chronos in his incarnation of time, rather Chronos in his aspect as a company making a little disc-shaped addition to any wristwatch you care to name. The point? The built in accelerometer means that your timepiece is now a basic fitness tracker and you’ll get notifications thanks to the Bluetooth connection and the Android or iOS apps, plus the Chronos will feature a 3-day battery life. Sounds good to us. It’s available for pre-order now for $99 (R1,450) but will only ship in 2016. Can you wait that long.

Source: Chronos

Who are Faraday Future (and are they related to Apple in any way?)

Faraday renderFaraday Future is a company that will reportedly be dropping about $1 billion on a motor vehicle manufacturing plant. It’s also more or less popped out of nowhere, with designs on electrical vehicles. There are about 400 employees, including some formerly from Tesla, BMW, Ferrari and Space X, as well as Ford, Volvo and GM former employees. Everyone likes a good mystery, right? Wrong. We hate mysteries but The Next Web has an interesting theory about Faraday – that the company is Apple in another guise. It’d make sense, given how secretive Faraday is being – though it’s just possible that some other company with billions of dollars to throw around is bankrolling them. Yeah, sure. iCar time, anyone?

Source: New York Post

That Warcraft movie? The one starring Ragnar Lothbrok? Here’s the trailer

You know, just in case you missed it on Friday evening when it was released at Blizzcon or you missed the many, many times it’s popped up on social media since then – here’s the trailer for the Warcraft film headed your way in 2016. Starring Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) from Vikings as well as a bunch of Orcs, flying mounts and assorted human NPCs, players viewers should get their Warcraft itches properly scratched. This is what a World of Warcraft raid really looks like. In our minds, anyway.

Source: Legendary (YouTube)


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