You have another shot at winning yourself a BrydgeAir keyboard


So you thought you missed out, did you? Understandable, we did just give away a BrydgeAir Keyboard for iPad Air or iPad Air 2 last week. And since there can be only one, in most competitions and in the Highlander movies, we can see how you might have felt… bummed.

Fear not however, you have another shot at the BrydgeAir. As it happens, we have another one to give away and, as before, the giveaway consists of the BrydgeAir keyboard only. You still need to supply your own iPad Air or iPad Air 2. Still interested? Good, then read on.

BrydgeAirMobile productivity has never been more important and with the introduction of the new BrydgeAir for iPad Air and iPad Air 2, your iPad can now truly be transformed into the ultimate productivity machine.

While there is no doubt the iPad has changed the way we learn, work and play, the constant demand to be always connected is often inhibited by the challenges of onscreen keyboards. Whether it be preparing and reviewing documents, presentations or even simply clearing out the inbox, the reality of using the onscreen keyboard is inefficient.

The obvious answer to this is to save these tasks for a more traditional laptop, however in doing so you lose the benefits of the iPad. Benefits that no doubt in the field through custom applications, portability and constant connectivity are hard to pass on. When combined with the recent launch of Microsoft Office for iOS, this is where a keyboard solution for the iPad is a game changer. The thing is up until now you have been limited by plastic keyboards that look like an afterthought to the iPad rather than an integrated part of your mobility solution. This is where the BrydgeAir comes in.

Featuring a stunning aluminium body, backlit keys, integrated stereo speakers, up to 3 months of battery life and a unique hinge design that provides the flexibility of a 180º viewing angle, the BrydgeAir provides the flexibility and benefits the iPad yet the productivity of a fully featured laptop.

No other keyboard on the market delivers an unparalleled level of quality and provides the perfect combination of functionality and finish for your iPad.

Now that you’ve gone through the marketing material (hope you were paying attention), here are your terms and conditions. The competition is only open to South African residents with an address in SA, as usual. If you won in the last couple of giveaways then you’re ineligible and if you’ve won a magazine prize in the last few months (the September, October, and November issues), you’re ineligible for a bit longer. And, if you work for Stuff Magazine in any way, shape or form, you’re also ineligible. Right then, on to the entry form. And remember, the winner will be announced on 27 November 2015. Get your entries in before then.

Or, if you don’t want to wait, then you can nab a BrydgeAir from the iStore in the meantime. It’ll set you back R2,800.


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