This moving, remote-controlled R2D2 fridge will make your wallet cry


The Holy Grail for a lot of Star Wars fans would be a completely working R2D2 droid. Sticking a fridge inside a life-sized version of one of these droids is just the icing on the cake. What we’re saying is: Yes, you can buy a moving, remote-controlled, R2D2 fridge. From Japan, obviously.

We’re not saying that it will be cheap, mind you. But first, think about what you’re getting. A two-hour battery – for remote controlled movement and disconnected cooling, we’re assuming – and a fully-rotating head are just the start, there’s also some faithful sound reproduction to look forward to. But you’re not going to be using it to store very much. A few drinks. But at what cost?

Your very own R2D2 will set you back ¥998,000, if you’d like to pre-order yours from Japan. In South African money, that’s about R110,000 or the same cost as a decent second-hand car. It’s times like this that you have to ask yourself: Just how big of a Star Wars fan am I?

Source: YouTube via Gizmodo


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