The new Apple TV will be available in SA next month


The Core Group, which distributes Apple products in South Africa, has announced that the new Apple TV will be available locally from early November. The updated Apple TV was announced in September alongside the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus that went on sale earlier this month.

With the new Apple TV, users can watch movies or consume music using iTunes, or watch video from Google’s video service, YouTube. The device also lets users display content from other apply devices using AirPlay, iCloud Photo Sharing, and iMovie Theatre.

Apple’s also updated the hardware and the user interface of the Apple TV, which now includes a touch-sensitive remote control and support for Apple’s voice assistant, Siri. Siri lets users search for specific content using natural language, like requests for movies that include a specific actor, were released in a particular year or that fall under the same genre.

The new device is available in 32GB or 64GB versions. The 32GB version is priced at R2,499, the 64GB at R3,499 and the remote at R1,299.

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