Samsung’s Project Valley, possibly folding, device has launch countries (and we’re not one of them)


Samsung have been talking up flexible displays for a while and we’ve even seen them, in the Edge series of handset. But they’ve got something bigger on the horizon, known only as Project Valley – though the model number is supposedly SM-G929F, which is suggestive of a smartphone. The model number is a variation of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, which further suggests that the specs for Project Valley will be similar.

Dedicated Samsung website SamMobile have known about Project Valley for a while and the device is said to be a dual-screen, perhaps with a foldable screen, smartphone. Little else was known, save for a possible 2016 launch date, but the website has since grabbed some inside info on the launch countries for the device.

The countries that are getting Project Valley? That’d be the United Kingdom (times three), Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Ireland, certain Nordic countries (unspecified), and South Korea. Basically in Samsung’s back yard and in Europe is where Project Valley will turn out.

The States and Africa are not on the list, but nor are India and Russia, Samsung’s usual highly experimental markets. This could mean that Project Valley isn’t quite as experimental as all that or that Samsung are highly confident in what they’re about to release. We’re hoping for the latter.

Source: SamMobile


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