RiutBags offer security without sacrificing style


The backpack’s design has been relatively unchanged since the first person thought to stick two straps on a pouch and pop it on their back. While most modern backpacks get the basics right — even weight distribution, multiple pockets, a laptop compartment — they tend to ignore a serious concern for the modern digital nomad: security. Which is where the RiutBag comes in.

Designed by Sarah Giblin, the RiutBag started life like so many contemporary products do, as a Kickstarter project. Giblin wanted a bag that combined functionality with security features like concealed zips on the rear of the bag and other discreet compartments. When she couldn’t find one she decided to design and sell her own.

RiutBag+R15+inside+blackWhat sets the RiutBag apart is the fact that its main and top compartments are accessed using zips that sit against the wearer’s back, the compartments for travel or bank cards concealed in the straps and the way excess strap length is tucked away. It also helps that each bag is pretty good looking. In short, we want one.

There are two models of RiutBag to choose from, a 10 litre and a 15 litre version, both of which are available in either black or grey. The smaller costs £80 (R1,700) and the larger £90 (R1,900). The bags will ship to consumers in December and you can order one here.


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