Leaked screenshots show what Apple Music looks like on Android


Of all the leaked details that emerged in the months leading up to Apple Music’s official reveal, one was particularly surprising: that Apple planned to release an Android version of the streaming music service.

It makes sense, given the app’s origins: since Beats Music was on Android, and surely had a fair number of subscribers using that platform, Apple didn’t want to strand them. Still, the idea of Apple expressly making a full-fledged Android app was very curious indeed. But it’s happening, as was confirmed this year, and these leaked screens from Mobile Geeks seem to show a glimpse at what’s coming.

What’s interesting is that Apple Music doesn’t look like a straight port from the iOS version. Sure, many UI elements are carried over, but assuming these images are legitimate, it’s clear that Apple tried to embrace some Android design tenets here – particularly the pull-out menu on the left side.

apple-music-android-leaked-screensElsewhere, Android users eager to try Apple’s service might be happy to notice that Beats 1 – the always-on streaming radio station – is represented here, along with all of the on-demand content from the Apple Music library. And the app makes some functionality tweaks over iOS, as well, such as offering the ability to change the cache size for offline music.

Apple said that Apple Music will come to Android this spring, and we’re almost to November – so it stands to reason that a release is likely imminent. Assuming the same offer from iOS stands, you should have a nice, hearty 90-day free trial to give it a shot.

Click through to the source link below to see additional screenshots.

Source: Mobile Geeks (German)


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