Samsung’s 18.4in Galaxy View tablet breaks cover


Apple’s 12.9in iPad Pro just not big enough for you? Worry not: Samsung’s got an 18.4in whopper for you – and now we know what it looks like. Maybe.

Back in August, we heard that the South Korean mega-manufacturer was scaling up its top-end tablet offering and now the same source, SamMobile, has leaked some sneaky screengrabs from a promo video for the Galaxy View.

What do the shots reveal? Besides the View looking predictably like an oversized Samsung slab-o-glass, it appears to pack a couple of nifty tricks which might make the new titanic tablet something more than an upscaled folley.

It might look like just another glassy-black rectangle, but the absence of a home button on its big ol’ frontage is quite the change from Samsung form and puts all of the focus on that humongous display. Oh, and actually reaching it would be quite the stretch.

samsung-galaxy-view-sammobile_013_0What else? Well, there’s a pretty clever kickstand solution which folds seamlessly from the back, with thicker feet on the bottom edge of the tab – though it’s not clear whether this is a case or a permanently-attached part of the porta-pixel-pusher.

Making it stand out by standing up will be pretty significant for Samsung: a tablet this big needs to transition fluidly from lap-warmer to table-top titan in order to truly do battle with the likes of the Surface – and it’s probably just that bit too big to rely on a keyboard dock solution.

samsung-galaxy-view-sammobile_007Still, the View shouldn’t be taking up too much luggage space: it appears to have its very own carry handle for ultimate portability.

Will people really be seen lugging around a monitor that massive by its bootstraps? We think not, but, then, few ever saw phablets taking off – and nowadays you can’t get on the bus for selfie-taking travellers on palm-filling phones. In fact, that might well happen again: the View also has a full HD front-facing lens.

Bear in mind that the video is a promotional one, so a production model of the Galaxy View might look slightly different – though it doesn’t appear to be excessively stylised.

Whether or not an 18.4in Android tablet can work in the marketplace remains to be seen, but Samsung is clearly putting more than half a derriere into its big screen adventure.

Source: SamMobile


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