Now you can build your own Nikon F SLR. From blocks. If you order one from Japan


Do you like LEGO and items of that nature? Have you, at any point ever, bought a themed set of blocks that assemble into a specific object or which conform to a specific theme? And, and this is important, are you nuts about Nikon’s cameras? Then Nikon Japan may have just the thing for you – a Nikon F SLR replica made from Nanoblock.

Nikon F BlocksAnd it comes quite cheap, costing the equivalent of about R450. At that price it’s not a working model, obviously. The Nikon F replica SLR bears a striking resemblance to the iconic 1959 camera and with good reason: It’s made up over over 1,000 pieces, some of which were custom-made to make this product possible. But that’s Nanoblock for you.

Nanoblock is kind of like LEGO, except that it’s smaller – so expect it to be even less suitable for kids. Still hurts like a bugger if you step on it in the dead of night though.

If you’re sold on the idea of a Nikon F that you put together yourself, you can order one from Nikon in Japan (hopefully you kept up with your Japanese lessons). Don’t expect to see it anywhere other than import specialists otherwise, for now at least.

Source: PetaPixel


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